Faith and Belief Heart and Mind 2011

Conversation and Conflict between Faith & Belief

When a child is born in a Muslim’s house, the Azan (call to prayer) is read in into his ear, he is circumcised and Quran becomes his course book for life. He is institutionalized. He follows this and accepts this as right.

Thinking it’s his faith, not understanding that this is the beginning of his belief system.

I began my journey in search for God by seeking Him in different religions and realized that they all preached the same. Questioning the meaning of faith and belief I realized that faith is the same but the belief is different. The heart is the same but the minds are different. And that difference is a product of the environment. The mind makes opinions and judgments based on our upbringing and environment, our institutionalization. Whereas faith is trust…unquestionable trust. That to me is the conflict between faith and belief.

In a conversation between faith and belief, the conflict arises when belief tries to justify the existence and love of God, whereas faith would argue that one cannot understand through the mind but through trust one can only feel that love. How can one define a feeling? How can one explain a smell or a taste? Similarly, one is incapable of understanding God or explaining His love.

Again when one questions life and where it started from, the mind freezes because one cannot think beyond. Thought has a cap, it is limited. The heart is limitless, the heart goes beyond.

If I understand God, then that God is not real. God is above and beyond the cap of my thoughts and understanding. So I can only feel Him, but cannot fathom Him, and just LOVE Him purely.

My work is about that Love.

Series of paintings and installations (mixed mediums)