Interfaith Harmony 2012

Bismillah in the name of God...

Al-Rahman Al-Rahim: The Compassionate, the Merciful Begin in the name of Allah who is the most compassionate and the most merciful. Begin with Love. These are the first words in our Holy Book. I call him Allah, also loved as God, Bhagvan, Buddha, Ahura Mazda and many many more.

The Intention is Love and Love resides within Humanity.

One Spirit was breathed into all of us. We were all one color, when we intermingled we became more colorful, more joyous. We started living. Religion was born when society needed love. When humanity was dying there was a need for religion to remind us to be moral people, to respect and love one another because without love society will come to an end. But we made institutes instead, like the Institute of Religion. Religion has always been good politics and great business. When Moses introduced the gospel He spoke of the Love of God, kindness to mankind. That was the same gospel of Jesus, the same gospel of Ram, Mohammad, Jacob and Ismail. All the prophets mentioned and the ones not mentioned, spoke about Peace, Love and Humanity. They all spoke about loving God and loving one another, tolerating one another. They all preached the same.

This series is about love. This series is about affection. This series is about acceptance. This series is about tolerance. The idea is that we need to coexist with each other and not judge one over the other. What was supposed to be a heart has become a minaret and if you reverse the minaret it becomes a heart.

Harmony must exist amongst different religions. That’s what makes it faith. “Allah” is seen and unseen throughout the series and on all layers. The symbol for Allah is also the reversed heart. Bismillah, because all this is made in the name of God. We don’t understand what Moses wanted us to think and Jesus came to explain and finally Mohammad (PBUH) concluded that ‘There is no superiority of an Arab over a non-Arab, nor of a non-Arab over an Arab except in whoever Loves Allah the most.” And only Allah is the Judge of that Love’

We were just created to Love.

Series of paintings and installations (mixed mediums)